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Giới thiệu Đầu Đọc Thẻ Nhớ Otg Cho Máy Ảnh

【alittle】OTG Card Reader for Lightning to SD TF Camera Card Readers AdapterFeatures:
- This jump rope is not only extremely fast but it allows you to quickly recover during innacurate swings
- with speed bearings, aluminum handle, and a coated wire rope your rope is bult to last and easy to adjust
- with our customized sizing chart you can be sure to get your rope to the exact size that allows you to improve quicker than the rest
- The jump rope is perfect size, and adds very little weight to any gym or personal bag. It's a perfect workout tool for anyone traveling, or anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.
- Training with our other products may assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle.

Material: Handle: Metal and Bearing Rope: Wire Rope and Green PVC
Name: Speed Jump Rope
Colors: Black, Blue, Silver, Purple, Pink
Specifications: Rope: 2.5MMx3m
Universal head: 2.6CM, handle grip: 17CM, handle length: 17CM

Package List:
1x Speed Jump Rope
Liên kết: Nước cân bằng chống lão hóa Green Natural Seed Advanced Antioxidant Toner (160ml)